Thank you for taking your first step in your own journey towards embracing change!

I believe this will be something you look back on as a turning point in your life.

As you deepen your commitment to yourself, I want to give you access to a comprehensive training that I do for advanced students of mine, based on the core material presented in my best selling book.

This is an expansive 3-day training event that I offer to my best students who have already studied the Being Called to Change book because I want them to get a concentrated understanding of the role of Change in their lives.

“Dale takes the complex concept of ‘Change’ and shares with us why we avoid it, how it is inevitable and the power that comes from embracing it. Dale proves his statement, ‘change is inevitable, resistance is optional’. An entrepreneur’s must read.”


Here’s why this is so important:

Knowledge comes in at different levels. Most of us are accustomed to reading a book and then saying, “I read that book. I know what it contains.” But I ask, “What do you know?”

Because even if you have a photographic memory (do you?) you’re only going to get a set of ideas and distinctions to put on the shelf.

If you never apply these distinctions to your own life, the information cannot impart its value to you.

The value of it only comes from experiencing a shift in your life from putting the knowledge into practice.

There’s a big difference between saying you embrace change in your life and actually embracing it. You and I both know people who say, “Yes, I’m changing my whole relationship to money,” for example.

But when you look at their life, they’re still just scraping by month to month, just like they always did.

I don’t want this to happen to you.

I want you to get the knowledge of embracing change at a cellular level. The only way to do that is to have repeated exposure to the knowledge in different forms and to take action to implement it in your day-to-day life.

When you say, “Yes, I’m embracing change. My whole relationship to money (for example) has shifted,” I want this to be a true statement. I want you to see different results.

I want you to experience actual progress in your income, decrease in your expenses, reduced debt, increased savings and investments and improvements in all the other ways we measure money.

The same is true for your relationships and your health. I want you to be able to experience the shift you’re longing for.

That’s why this Being Called to Change Course is so critical. It takes the work you are doing by reading the book and doing the exercises in every chapter and deepens it.

There are sherpas in the Himalayan mountains who, when they see a mountain from the opposite side, actually think it’s a different mountain.

Change is like a mountain. The book gives you the view from one side. The Course gives you a view from another side.

It’s the same mountain. Just a different view. Seeing it both ways gives you a more complete comprehension of the whole mountain.

​​​​​​​I’ve been teaching people about Change for over thirty years. If embracing Change were easy, I’d show you the easy way.

​​​​​​​But you and I are very resistant creatures. Inside every one of us lives an extremely intelligent shape-shifting adversary.
It’s called the Ego.

If you take two steps forward, your Ego is going to do everything in its power to make sure you slide three steps back.

To defeat the Ego, you need to know all of its subtle tricks and you need to watch for them every day.

Only through learning and diligent observation, then can you make certain that your two steps forward are not eroded by backsliding of the Ego.

That’s how make Change real. That’s how you can actually create new results in your health, wealth, and relationships.

As an example of how the Ego works, resisting Change often is accompanied by other kinds of unconscious behavior.

For instance, if you feel afraid of having an enrollment conversation with a new customer or client, your Ego will try to prevent you from feeling that fear. You go unconscious.

Then, in that unconscious state, instead of being aware of your fear, you will get distracted and start doing something completely irrelevant to the task at hand—looking a videos on Facebook, for example.

Unconscious resistance makes it impossible to take responsibility for the outcome you’re getting.

Instead of saying: “I felt afraid of having a conversation with a new client or customer, so I started wasting time,” you blame Facebook for presenting so many videos you can’t stop yourself from watching.

Not reaching your income goal is Facebook’s fault. This is how the Ego works.

Can you see now why the Change you’re attempting to make here has to be on a cellular level? You can’t embrace change until you take responsibility.

​​​​​​​And you can’t take responsibility until you wake up, until you start to become more conscious.

Once you see how your Ego works to sabotage your dreams, you can start taking the painful and difficult steps to Change your bad habits.

This is the turning point for you.
Ask yourself: Do I really want to Change?

Because, I’ll tell you now, it is NOT going to be easy. In fact, it may be one of the most difficult things you do in your life.

But here’s my big promise. When you really embrace change on a cellular level, change must be reflected in the results in your life without you having to do anything.

When this level of Change occurs, it almost feels like magic. You’ve done the deep, difficult work of clearing out the unconscious resistance to change.

Then, in those places where you’re used to continuous struggle, suddenly it seems incredibly easy. Because, as I said, these results can now flow without you having to do anything.

The Being Called to Change Course, taken alongside your diligent work on the Being Called to Change book can give you a whole new perspective and cellular shift you’re seeking.

Here’s everything you’ll receive in the Being Called To Change LIVE Online Training Course

The Being Called to Change LIVE Online Training Course is delivered in a set of audios, so it’s super convenient. You can take it with you anywhere!

The complete course comes in 3 Parts (with 9 modules each) as follows:

Part 1: Understanding Real Change
Part 2: Real Tools for Change
Part 3: Applying Your Tools for Change

In Part 1 of this Course, you will learn:

✅  How to reduce your fear of change by learning the first 3 questions you need to ask about it.

✅  How to wake up to unconscious ways you resist change.

✅  The #1 thing that makes your relationship with change dysfunctional.

✅  The first step toward ending this dysfunctional relationship with change.

✅  The simple answer for how to change.

✅  A tip that could save you $millions.

✅  How to grow into your full potential.

✅  What ONE wish you should choose if you only get 3 wishes.

✅  The 5 characteristics of change.

✅  How to recognize change through evidence of its 4 realities.

✅  How to become comfortable with change by using this item.

✅  At least 5 ways of the Ego.

✅  What your inevitable destiny is on Earth.

In Part 2 of the BCTC Course, you will:

✅  Learn the 3 symptoms that show your Ego is holding you back.

✅  Accelerate your growth by asking yourself the “10 Awareness Questions for Change.”

✅  Get what you want and need by NOT doing this one thing.

✅  Learn how to clear energy that leads you away from what you desire.

✅  Learn how to raise your feeling quality to be lighter and freer with one simple technique.

✅  Learn how to increase one small factor in yourself to completely rewire your brain and emotional body.

✅  Get your life right to the exact degree you align with this one critical part of your world.

✅  Learn to free up your feelings by unbinding them to this one negative influence.

✅  Ask these 4 questions to free you from emotional shackles.

✅  And much more!  

In Part 3, you’ll complete the course with these additional master teachings:

✅  Learn to recognize & identify the “7 Main Core Issues,” so you can begin to clear them.

✅  Learn the “3 Life Skills,” so you can begin to practice them.

✅  Increase your personal freedom by seeing 7 strategies for dealing with feelings so you can choose your strategy instead of being ruled by your reactions.

✅  Discover what you are to let go of now.

✅  Discover why have you been trying to make it happen without success.

✅  Discover what you need to know to progress toward your full potential.

Change can be uncomfortable, but it doesn't have to be hard.

With support both from the book and from the Being Called To Change Course, you will have the tools, education, and understanding you need to make change as graceful and painless as possible so you can have the happy, peaceful, and fulfilling life you've always dreamed of!

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