Ten Secrets to Level Up Your Life!
These Ten Life Secrets Are Available To You For the First Time Ever!  
Ten Secrets to Level Up Your Life!
These Ten Life Secrets Are Available To You For the First Time Ever!  

Dale Halaway, the author and seminar leader who left the comfort of a life of great business success, wealth and abundance to discover the path to the Soul, returns now to give you access to total life success. As you know, Dale’s book, Being Called to Change, that you own was released in the spring of 2018 to great acclaim and success, selling out twice in the first weeks after release.

Dale sees this time in history as unique—both for the planet as a whole and for your individual life and development. For the first time ever, it is possible for you to become a Soul-Realized person within your own lifetime. To jumpstart your progress, Dale is making available a cross-section of his teachings. In the past, getting access to all these modules would cost you thousands of dollars. But in this special jumpstart offer, Dale is offering these ten modules to you for only $67.

Yes! Please send me the Ten Secrets for $67!
Drawn from six of Dale’s sold-out seminars, each of these 10 modules contains a secret of personal transformation. 
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The Ten Modules include:

✅  “Law of Responsibility” contains the secret to being connected to the people in your world. All forms of success depend on your relationships! This module shows you how to maximize their value.

✅  “Three Relationship Themes” contains the secret of how to be present in your relationship, which is the #1 most important quality people seek from you.

✅  “Seven Energy Centers” discusses the secret sources of your energy and how to find and eliminate any energy blockage in one or more of the energy centers.

✅  “Eight Steps to Increased Productivity” gives you the eight secret habits you need to live a productive life that makes success inevitable.

✅  “Freedom to Choose” explores massive changes that come from small choices you make, giving you the secret power to choose well.  

✅  “Identifying Resistance” explains the force in the world called "resistance" that STOPS you. Although resistance resists you, this module shows how you can stop resisting it; this is the secret to recovering your power from this external force.

✅  “What is Change?” reveals the five hidden aspects of Change, giving you the freedom to choose to let go or re-grip.

✅  “Emotional Energy” is a deep dive into the new skill of “emotional energy management.” Despite the fact that humans have been manipulated like slaves by our own emotional makeup, this new secret skill allows you to become your own master.

✅  “Three Life Skills for Embracing Change” gives the three secret keys to working in concert with the greatest untamed force in the Universe: Change.

✅  “Judgment” gives you a peek into Dale’s trademark emotional methodology called "TransCovery," specifically the key secret you need to understand the divisive habit of the mind called “judgment.”  

Yes! Please send me the Ten Secrets for $67!
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Dale Halaway is a Master Teacher, best-selling author and one of the world’s leading authorities on personal and business transformation, entrepreneurial success, strategic thinking and soul-empowered leadership.

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